The Voice of the Lord

It seems over and over again we read “the voice of the Lord” throughout the Bible.  In the passage this week, we read it as “the people obeyed the voice of the Lord.”  They heard the message from Haggai, knew the Lord sent him, and obeyed! Do you ever wonder if you are hearing the voice of the Lord? Do you question whether or not you would know the voice if you heard it?

My stepfather has sheep and he loves his sheep.  He goes out on his property every day and talks to his sheep, pets them, walks with them.  On days the sheep are out to pasture, he simply calls, “come on girls!” When they hear his voice, they know it, recognize that he has something for them, and they come running!  So my kids decided to attempt this phenomenon themselves. At the same time of day they went out and called with the same words.  The sheep looked up but did not move, they would not come to their voices, they did not obey.

I have realized recently that many things give us a voice…our mouths, our writing, our actions, our facial expressions, even our money. With our voices we can communicate, and with a void of communication there is no relationship, no love. God uses His voice with us…so we might know Him and trust Him.  When He speaks, we are compelled to obedience, but how do we know it is His voice?  How can you start to recognize His voice? “The people heard the message that Haggai brought. And they knew the Lord sent Him.”  Are you seeing and hearing the message from God?

We have to know His voice and His message yet there is only one way…we talk to Him and walk with Him every day…the more time we immerse in hearing, reading, and knowing His Word, the more we will know His voice! We will recognize and only obey His voice! Every day my stepfather spends time with his sheep, every day.  Every day they learn and know His voice, every day.  Do you listen for His voice every day?

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