Present Glory – “My spirit is present, don’t be afraid.”

I find it conflicting to consider the comparison of the two temples. My underdog heart pictures the
Israelites’ bubble bursting as they are called to remember Solomon’s temple and all its glory. I
empathize that they must have felt defeated. I want to say, “What does it matter, God’s presence is
everywhere.” I want to argue in my western post-modern mindset that the temple doesn’t need to be
as glorious as Solomon’s.
Then I continue reading and see, once again, God is way ahead of me…..
He pointed their eyes to His glory in the past, not to defeat them but to strengthen. Then God shifts
their eyes to today….”My spirit is present, don’t be afraid.” The presence of the Lord dispels fear.
The order of the words is important here. The only way to not be afraid is to be in the presence of
the Lord. Fear cannot grip you when He is here. Fear cannot chain you when you trust in Him. Fear
cannot deceive you when His presence reveals to you.
The presence of God was once in a pillar of fire and a cloud. The presence of the Lord once dwelt in
the temple. The presence of God came upon the heroes of faith told through generations. The
presence of God is here, so don’t be afraid. The presence of God is here, now work! I can only
imagine these words rumbled like thunder and struck their hearts with electricity.
This command directs me to Kingdom building. What am I called to build in my life? Where is God
telling me He is here, fear is dispelled? Work! How often am I afraid to open my mouth or love
deeply? I see the needs, I see the pain, I hear the command…now go! We are called to build His
kingdom. He assures us of His presence and says now work. What keeps you from Kingdom
building? Is it fear? Can we look at these words to His people and be comforted by His presence?
As your week continues, be strengthened by God’s glory in the past then let your eyes see where He
is today and work!

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