Future Glory

“The final glory of this house will be greater than the first,” says the Lord of Armies.

Anticipation enters. His glory was magnificent, His glory is powerful, and His glory will be greater than it ever was.  Wow!  If there ever was a cliffhanger this would be it. Haggai must have been thrilled to bring this message.

This last part of the passage powerfully illustrates really what God is capable of!  The idea of God shaking the earth, shaking the heavens, shaking the dry land, shaking the seas….that is immense power on which to dwell.  Shaking seems so destructive doesn’t it?  I think of earthquakes and tidal waves, volcanoes and dust storms when I hear these words. God is stating a promise hear that He will shake it all up, all of it! Then He promises to shake the nations SO THAT the treasures of all the nations will come!  The purpose for the shaking is to bring treasure.  The purpose of destruction is to bring a masterpiece!

This theme of destruction and restoration is carried throughout the Bible and points us directly to Christ who had to enter death to bring life.  As I get older, I see the same pattern in my own life and those around me.  The beauty from ashes.  We heard that the temple and the city of Jerusalem had been burned to the ground by the Babylonians.  Have you ever attempted the effort of cleaning after a fire, even in a fire place?  Ashes are everywhere, black, fine dust which gets in every crevice and any attempt to clean just seems to make it worse.  That is what makes this idea of restoration so amazing.  Even forest fires bring the treasure of new life AFTER all looks condemned by death.  Yet in this passage the theme rings in our ears again.  God promises the destruction will come again and so will the treasures! There is no doubt our eyes are turned to the life of Christ to bring us hope and new life and God’s presence in this prophecy.

Can you name the treasures that have come for you when God has shaken up your life?  Are you in a period which seems as if the ashes cannot be wiped away?  Does this promise fill you with the hope that the treasures will come?

There is not an option to not believe in the promises of God once we begin to dwell in His word and HIs presence.  He fulfills all of His promises.  So too this promise…when destruction and shaking of your life come…loss, grief, trauma….He never fails to remind you..be strong, I am with you, and look ahead!

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