Oh, Baby!

It's the cute face for me...

Guess who’s back!? Some of you may or may not have noticed that I was absent for several weeks at the beginning of March. I am happy to announce that on February 26, my wife, Andrea, gave birth to our son, Dean Jacob 👶🏻. While Dean surprised us by arriving a little early, everyone is happy and healthy.

I was able to take a couple weeks of leave to spend time with Dean and Andrea at home and adapt to being a first-time father. It has been just as challenging and rewarding as everyone told me it would be. I loved being able to be there and watch him grow these first couple of weeks. I do not, however, love the sleep deprivation 😂.

Dean is growing quickly! His favorite activities include mealtime and holding his head up. At times, he gets a little head bob going that looks like he’s dancing and we have a little dance party together 🕺🏼. His dislikes include bath time and diaper changes.

Andrea is really enjoying being at home with Dean, but unfortunately will have to go back to work at the beginning of May. She will be returning to her same job, but will be starting with the team at Community Hospital South instead of returning to Community Hospital East. We are extremely lucky to have access to childcare at Southport Pres. Dean will be getting to know the Welcome Place staff once Andrea goes back to work. It is a convenience that I’m sure we will come to appreciate more and more.
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