Benevolence-Compassion Fund

We desire to help those in our church family and our broader community who have financial needs.  We observe that Jesus was compassionate toward those who had needs and we believe he calls us as a church to do the same.

Our Benevolence-Compassion Fund is supported by donations directly from the Southport Pres church family.  Those who have legitimate needs are encouraged to reach out to us, let us know your need and see if you might qualify to receive assistance from the Benevolence-Compassion Fund.

We have a group of people, we call them the Benevolence Committee, who are responsible to steward these funds and ensure we are using them wisely and to meet true needs.

Since we can’t help everyone, if you’re not part of our immediate church family, you must live within a certain proximity of Southport Pres—between Edgewood Avenue and County Line Road and Arlington Avenue and Sherman/Gray Roads (see the map below).

 You will also need to meet with the Benevolence Committee to discuss your current situation and provide the proper documentation to show your need—as you might expect, not everyone who reaches out for help has a true need.  And more importantly, our team would like to pray with you and offer you spiritual encouragement.

For more information contact the church at 317-534-2900 or email  To apply online, click here.

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