Deacon Thanksgiving Basket Drop-off
Nov 14, 2020 at 9:00 AM
Organizer: Janelle Tierney

The Southport Pres deacons want to share our blessings with families facing financial challenges in our immediate area. The deacons will be purchasing turkeys for numerous families and are requesting your assistance with purchasing the remaining ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal. Families, small groups or any other group are invited to gather a meal.


Fill a tote with the following items to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal:

1 box of instant potatoes (15.3 oz)

2 packets of gravy (0.88 oz)

1 package of dry noodles (no yolk) (12 oz)

2 boxes of stuffing (6 oz)

2 jars of applesauce (46 oz)

2 cans of cranberry sauce (14 oz)

4 cans of green beans (14.5 oz)

4 cans of corn (15 oz)

2 boxes of macaroni and cheese (12 oz)

1 package of rolls (12 rolls)

1 tub of cool whip (8 oz)

1 frozen pie (36-42 oz)

1 Rubbermaid 18-gallon tote with lid 


Tote Drop-off

Bring your filled tote to the Southport Pres entry that is the single door just a few feet north of the main entrance on Saturday, November 14, from 9:00–11:00 a.m.


Collection Bin

Donate items from the shopping list and bring them to the collection bin in the Gathering Place.