Food Service Ministry

On one occasion, Jesus had been teaching and doing ministry all day long and a large crowd had gathered—over 5,000 people to be exact.  No one had brought anything to eat and there wasn’t a local café nearby. The disciples were going to solve the problem simply by telling everyone to go home, but Jesus had a better plan.  “You give them something to eat,” he said.

As you read the gospels, you find that a lot of ministry happens around meals.  Sometimes Jesus is eating with tax collectors and prostitutes; other times he’s dining with the religious establishment.  Even after his resurrection, he meets his disciples on a beach and cooks breakfast for them. Eating together has a way of making it easier for people to connect and for ministry to take place.

The Food Service Ministry at Southport Pres exists to follow Jesus’ example of providing for people’s physical needs and helping them to grow in community around a tasty meal or snack.

Here are some examples of the ways we do this:

  1. We provide lunch for Southport Presbyterian Christian School, our Welcome Place students, and for several adult care facilities in the community.
  2. We cook dinners before big events and special worship gatherings such as our Congregational Meetings and Lenten Services.
  3. We offer fresh baked breads and desserts on Sunday morning at our Bakeshop Table.
  4. We catering food for joyful events, such as weddings and anniversaries.
  5. We cook meals for the homeless and others in our city, as well as families experiencing the birth of a child or a hospitalization.

As you might imagine, it takes a lot of volunteers to make all of this happen.  To get involved, contact Ruth Clark. [] And let us know if there is a way that we can serve you. After all, our motto is “Serving Christ by Serving You.”

Upcoming Events

Sunday Services

Traditional: 9:30 / Contemporary: 11:00