Project Description

Esther: Unveiling the Goodness of God

Everyone loves a transformation story. A rags to riches, plain to beautiful, weak to strong, from ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ kind of story. At first glance, that’s what makes Esther intriguing.


A deeper look at Esther reveals it is all of this and more. Even though God is never mentioned, His fingerprints are all over it. We learn from Esther that though God may seem distant or even absent at times in our lives, He is always present and working. His hand blocks an evil plot, overthrows an arrogant killer and replaces terror with joy in thousands of Jewish homes. Through it all, we find that no one (not a king, president, or terrorist) can destroy God’s plans for His people. Instead, we discover how God is working, even when we cannot see it, and how He uses even morally compromised people to accomplish His purposes.


Esther is not a story of an unlikely queen, a murderous enemy and a miraculous turnaround. This is the story of God’s overall care that overrules all else.

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