Jennifer Dalton is administrative assistant to worship, caring and food ministries, here at Southport Pres. In addition to supporting these three ministries, Jennifer is also the secondary scheduler for church events and happenings. Even though Jennifer has only been on staff since March 2017, she is very much familiar with the church and its members. Jennifer and her husband, Brian have been a part of the Great Banquet community since 2002.

Jennifer comes from a few different professional backgrounds. She has been an Executive Assistant, an Area Manager and National Trainer for a corporate photography chain and has worked as a Volunteer Director and Supervisor/Educator for a Before/After School Program in the Center Grove School District.

With some college education and some Biblical Counseling training, Jennifer hopes to eventually complete her training and become a Biblical Counselor. She would also like to begin some Bible studies and Bible training to young people in the community. Jennifer loves to learn about Jesus and the Bible and would love to share what she has learned with anyone that will listen.

Outside of working at Southport Pres, Jennifer enjoys being with her family, staying active, watching sports (especially the Cubs & whatever sport one of her 3 boys are playing at the time), renovating/decorating their new home, cooking/baking, traveling, spending time with friends and living life in Christian community.