A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Tracy became a Christian as a teenager attending the Southport Presbyterian youth group. As she began to grow in her faith, she continued to attend the church and studied voice and piano under Barbara Kane who was the Director of Fine Arts at Southport Pres. Tracy attended Taylor University where her faith continued to grow. While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in education, she continued to study voice and had the opportunity to travel representing the college at various events through music. Following graduation, she taught for Perry Township and received her Master’s in Education from IUPUI.

Worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ, has been a passion for Tracy since her teenage years. She has felt a calling on her life for personal worship and for leading others in worship that is vibrant and heart-felt. She can’t remember a time where she was not active in the music program as a volunteer at Southport Pres, most recently as a volunteer worship leader of the contemporary service.

Tracy and her husband Mike have two grown children, Hannah and Samuel, as well as a stepson, Scott. Mike and Tracy enjoy serving in various ministries at Southport Pres together, taking long walks with their dogs and spending time with their family and their life group at Southport Pres.