Caring Ministries

In the book of Galatians, Christians are told to “carry one another’s burdens.”  A burden is a load that’s simply too heavy to carry by ourselves—we all have them.

Stephen Ministry: Our Stephen Ministers are ordinary men and women who feel called by God to help others carry their loads.  They receive 50 hours of training in how to come alongside someone and walk with them for a season.  They are compassionate, empathetic, and excellent listeners.  They don’t give advice; they listen and help to bring the peace and presence of Christ to situations.

Who would benefit from meeting with a Stephen Minister? Anyone who has experienced a loss. It could be the loss of a marriage, a spouse, a key relationship or a job? Those who are suffering from a chronic or terminal illness would also benefit from Stephen Ministry.

To find out how to become a Stephen Minister or to get more information about meeting with a Stephen Minister, email or call Pastor Glen Massey at 317-534-2908 or Aleen Philhower at 317-534-2911.  Everything related to Stephen Ministry is completely confidential.

Emergency Pastoral Care: In times of crisis and tragedy, our pastors want to be present with you and minister to you.  Please call the church office at 317-534-2900, even if it’s after business hours.  One of our pastors or our Care Ministry Coordinator is always on-call in the evenings and they would be delighted to take your call.

Non-Emergency Care: Sometimes care is needed, even when it’s not a life or death situation.  If you are having surgery or giving birth to a baby, we would like to come by and pray with you. If you are homebound or rehabilitating from a surgery and would like a visit or to receive communion, we want to be there for you.  Please contact Aleen Philhower by email or at 317-534-2900 and let her know how we can best care for you.  You can also contact Aleen to receive a weekly email update of care needs in our church family.

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