Southport Presbyterian Global Workers and Partners

Anne Alexander serves with OMF International.  She lives in Bloomington, IN but her ministry serves countries all over the world. Anne is a Storytelling Specialist.  She recruits new missionaries for OMF and equips those who are reaching out to people through Bible stories.  She mentors missionaries who are using Bible story-based ESL materials.  She also tutors non-Christian women

Jeff and Amy Brake serve with Mission Training International in Colorado Springs, CO.  They teach missionary candidates the valuable skills that will enable them to endure, thrive and share the gospel even while under long-term stress

Bryce Bulthaup serves with CRU at Ball State University.  The scope of his work is helping students get, give, and multiply the gospel for the rest of their lives after college. He tells students about the gospel, disciples and matures believers in the movement, and helps student leaders grow in leadership. He also helps organize and plan retreats and events for students.

Brother Deng serves with Overseas Council which is a ministry of United World Missions in Asia. He is an Overseas Council Regional Director and his work focuses on seminaries in Asia.  He conducts workshops and helps build the school’s libraries.  He also trains small group leaders so they can share the gospel in a volatile atmosphere.  The leaders he is working with continue to thrive despite the obstacles presented.

Scott and Colleen Burdsall serve with SERGE in London, England. They are just beginning work in the mission field and are starting a church in a multi-ethnic community. Their hope is to see brothers and sisters from varied backgrounds and ethnicities worship the Lord as one body.

Mark and Michelle Dinnage serve with OMS in Taiwan. They partner with Taiwanese churches to share the gospel through teaching conversational English classes, leading English Bible Studies and conducting English worship services.

Andy and Emily Eatough serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Andy is an instructor at Dallas International University, furthering Bible translation work by teaching, mentoring and equipping students who are preparing to serve cross-culturally.

Faith Ministries serves at the Texas/Mexico border. The ministry works along the Mexico Border with Texas and National Presbyterian Churches in Mexico.  The team shares the gospel with Mexican people, constructs  homes, churches and provides medical care, clothing and food.  The ministry leads mission teams in home construction several times a year.

Kathy Fouts serves with OMS, Missionary and Family Life Team in Greenwood, IN. She coordinates a flow of care, preventative and restorative, key to a missionary’s personal resilience, team effectiveness and longevity.

Michael Gearhart serves with OMS Headquarter in Greenwood, IN. Michael is a talented video editor with a passion for good storytelling, and through video he seeks to unite and inspire others with the hope of Jesus.

Robert and Maria Hill serve with Greater Europe Mission at the Greek Bible Institute in Athens, Greece. Bob is a teacher and Dean of Students at the Bible Institute

Scott and Beth Kane serve at an international school in Asia. Scott teaches elementary ESL at the school and often uses his gift of piano playing for school activities and fellowship.  Beth works as a community liaison, specifically helping and encouraging young mothers and teaching English to parents of students from the school.

A & J serve with EPC/World Outreach in India. They serve the most unreached in India.  They are starting culturally relevant house fellowships in Hindu communities. They are also empowering local believers to be self-sustaining and outreach focused.

Jason and Gail Lantz serve with the Network of International Christian School in Ankara, Turkey.  Jason is teaching middle school language arts, building relationships with people from primarily Muslim backgrounds, as well as being involved in a local church that reaches out to Turks.

Ani and Brikena Leka serve with CRU in Tirana, Albania. Their vision is to build spiritual movements so that every student on every campus has the chance to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Three steps to build movements are:

  1. Win (bringing student to Christ)
  2. Build (building students in their faith and plug them in a local church)
  3. Send (sending students to students to bring others to Christ)

Life Centers in Indianapolis, IN.  The mission of Life Centers is to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care to those experiencing pregnancy-related crisis and compassionately presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives to the glory of God.

Bruce and Kathy Mclenahan serve with Campus Crusade for Christ.  They live in Orlando but their ministry serves countries all through Eastern Europe. Bruce leads the Discipleship Strategies and Leadership Teams for the Jesus Film Project.  Kathy is a part-time team leader and administrator of the Jesus Films Missions Teams.  She is also a full-time Crisis Manager and works with the Pinnacle Counseling Institute.

Adger and Sandra McKay serve with EPC/World Outreach in Germany. They work with refugees in southern Germany; their ministry is called:  Engaging the Displaced.  They work primarily with refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. They seek to share the love of the Lord with refugees in many different ways… all of which are built on relationship. This fall, they will be starting an international group seeking to continue this outreach.

Tim and Karen serve with EPC/World Outreach – SEND International.  They are currently serving in Detroit, MI. working with new immigrants.  Tim is currently continuing to recover from back surgery.  While he continues his recovery, he is splitting his time between the SEND Finance office and the SEND Diaspora Detroit area team. The Diaspora team reaches out to share Jesus with immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia through being cultural coaches and teaching English.  Karen is also part of the  Diaspora team and as a nurse in a local long term care/ rehab center. They also speak at local churches and help them learn how to reach out to Muslims.”

Adrienne and Maciek Moryn serve with Proem Ministries in Tomaszow, Poland. They are focused on outreach at Zakosciele Camp and the Christian Center.  The camps emphasis is on a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle through sports and active recreation.  Proem also offers outreach programs for youth and families at the 15-acre Christian Center in Zakosciele. Maciek helps lead the sports and recreation programs and Adrienne is the special events coordinator for the camp and center.

Rev. Paul and Charlotte Mpindi serve with Mission French Africa Ministries in Africa.  Rev. Paul preaches and teaches the Gospel to win French-speaking African Muslims to Christ, disciple African Christians in Biblical stewardship and encourage the Body of Christ in America.  Their daily evangelistic radio broadcasts on six stations in the Congo.

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic is in Indianapolis, IN. The Clinic seeks to promote justice through legal representation and education for low-income people as a way to demonstrate Jesus’ love as well as to share the Good News of Jesus.

David and Meg serve with EPC/World Outreach in Central Asia.  They are involved in education outreach and community business development while building relationships with locals in Central Asia.

Perry Township Religious Education is in Indianapolis, IN.  Perry Religious Education provides weekly education to 4th and 5th graders at the nine elementary schools of Perry Township.

David and Conce Roof serve with OMS in Belem, Brazil. They have planted a church in Belem and are working to grow the congregation through preaching and teaching.  They hold in-home bible studies and have brought a trade to the women of the church so they can help support their families.  They have also started a ministry on the Moju River where they travel in by boat one to two times a month to take the gospel to the people in the interior who don’t know Jesus.

Alma Shaipi serves with Campus Crusade for Christ in Albania. She ministers to high school and college students in culturally Muslim Albania.   She gathers groups of believers into small Bible studies to teach and encourage them.  Her desire is to see these people serve God in difference cities in Albania and beyond.

Kathi Small serves with TEAM at the Central American Theological Seminary, Guatemala City. She trains seminarians from many other Spanish-speaking countries to prepare them to lead the church around the world

Kier Thelander serves with Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS).  He lives in Cleveland, OH but travels to Africa frequently. Kier provides surgical training and discipleship throughout Africa.  He works in 8 countries, with 9 hospitals, and 15 programs.  Kier travels to Africa 5 times year to visit sites and attend medical conferences.  Additionally, Kier coordinates and oversees new program investigation

George and Maria Weber are independent missionaries who serve in San Antonio, TX. They are involved in pastoral, radio and recording ministries for the Hispanic people of San Antonio and broadcast throughout the US and Mexico

 Josh and Julie Wentz serve as field leaders for their organization in one of the countries of the Middle East. They are responsible for church planting, discipleship and training national believers for ministry, including mentoring church leaders in pastoral ministry as well as organizing and teaching in conferences and seminars in their region.

Brett W. serves with the Crescent Project and lives in Columbus, IN.  The ministry was founded by Fouad Masri in 1993 to help Christians overcome barriers to building spiritually fruitful friendships with Muslims.  Brett leads a study entitled “Bridges” which introduces Christians to Islam and paves the way for building relationships with Muslim communities.

Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis, IN is an inner-city shelter for homeless men, combining Bible study and worship services with social outreach in Indianapolis.

Mark Wittig serves with OMS, Christian Union Sports Club in Medellin, Columbia. He takes the gospel out to neighborhood youth through soccer teams. There are over 2000 participants in the poorest areas of the city.  CUSC provides coaches with Christian leadership training to equip them with practical business and leadership skills.

Youth For Christ is in Southport, IN.  YFC mentors relationships with and disciples students at the high school level.  Brandon Fields is Campus Life Director for Southport School District and builds relationships with students at Southport High School.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.  Those working for YWAM unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.  Southport Pres. supports three young people in their efforts for YWAM.

  • Brandon Crosley serves in Mexico
  • Gabi Parsell serves in Louisville, KY
  • Anna Seitz serves as a recruiter in Louisville, KY

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