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Haggai 10 – He is consecrated

Here we hear the words from the Lord as very different…the Lord opens with instructions to ask the priests a question.  Two scenarios presented for the priests to give an answer to the conundrum.  If something is consecrated, will it make anything it comes in contact with as holy and consecrated, simply with vicinity? Then the second query, will something defiled make all that touches it defiled?

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Haggai 9 – Future Glory

“The final glory of this house will be greater than the first,” says the Lord of Armies.  Anticipation enters. His glory was magnificent, His glory is powerful, and His glory will be greater than it ever was.  Wow!  If there ever was a cliffhanger this would be it. Haggai must have been thrilled to bring this message.  

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Haggai #3 – I Called for a Drought

Do you ever get struck when you read that the Lord is behind what seems to be terrible things, or hardships in our lives?  I have found the Lord behind many natural disasters and trials throughout the Bible.  Circumstances we see as nothing short of traumatic! I will never forget some of the places I have first heard words like this…

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Why Jesus

Why Jesus For starters, we think Jesus of Nazareth was one of the greatest teachers who ever lived.  The Gospel

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