Adult ministry

Adult Ministry Opportunities

Weekly BIBLE Studies

Monday Women's Study
This session will resume September 11. Contact Dortha Joyce at 317-292-2825 or Sharon Curbox at 317-691-4334 for more information.
Men's Tuesday Morning
Meet in the Santuary. We are currently delving into Dr. Bob Petterson’s Legacy Imperative teachings in an attempt to better share our faith and Biblical truths with our children, our grandchildren and their peers. Contact John Testa for more information at 317-787-8375.
Tuesday Women's Study
This session will resume September 5. We will meet in the chapel on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00am. For more information, contact Leader Linda Matlock or Joyce Raker at (317) 354-5229.
Men's Saturday Breakfast
Meet in the Dining Room, where Bob Amon will lead this study. Contact Ron Harris for more information 317-496-4201.
Wednesday Women's Study
This session will resume September 13. Contact Sharon Keeney at 317-694-2494 or Ruth Mercer at 317-506-5320.

Community HOur CLASSes

Gospel Project for Adults
Dining Room
Join us as Pastor Glen, John Hill and Keith Speer take us on a journey through the Bible. We are making our way from Genesis to Revelation over a three-year period . . . we are currently in 2 Samuel. Our class includes both direct teaching and small group discussion. Don’t worry if you didn’t start from the beginning.
Young Adult Sunday School (YASS!)
Currently, we are utilizing the Bible Project videos as a springboard for discussion. No weekly commitment is required, so feel free to drop in whenever you are available! We will be glad to see you. On a regular basis, we have events outside of Sunday morning.
Building Your Family God’s Way
Starting Sunday, February 19, the Truth Seeker Class, led by David Lantz, will begin a study titled “Building Your Family God’s Way.” We’ll glean insights from such authors as Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, and Barbara & Dennis Rainey. In a bible study and discussion-rich format, we’ll explore the roles of fathers and mothers in parenting, managing your finances, romance, and balancing your work/family life.
The Sermon on the Mount - with Jem Suttor
Join Jem Suttor as we study Jesus' teachings through the video series Your Kingdom Come by Jim Dalrymple, a New Testament faculty member at Ozark Christian College. This is a great opportunity to just be with other young adults and discuss what it means to follow Christ in today's world.