Our Mission

"We are ordinary people pursuing God's extraordinary call."

Southport Presbyterian Church has been built on the foundational belief that we are ordinary people, on the south side of Indianapolis, looking to serve the community, the world and ultimately the Kingdom by following God's extraordinary call. 

Look up

The spiritual journey begins by looking up to God and realizing true joy and fulfillment come from Him.  Our Sunday morning worship gatherings are designed to rehearse the gospel story and turn our gaze back to the true source of life.

Lean in

Authentic Christian community goes beyond the surface and provides a place of safety, acceptance and trust where we can expose our “false self” and instead reveal and nurture our “true self.”  This journey begins in our Sunday morning Community Hour and continues in Groups and Studies throughout the week.

move out

We can’t fulfill our mission by staying in our “holy huddles;” moving out requires action and service on our parts. We serve inside the walls of the church to build up the body of Christ and then we join our strategic community partners to bring the gospel to others through words and deeds.

Why we do what we do

We believe that we have five core values that fuel what we do here are Southport Pres. These core values are central to us, our ministry and our impact in our community around us. We believe in seeking truth, gently; building relationships, authentically; passing the faith; joyfully; serving the world, generously; and loving all, radically.

MEET OUR Leadership TEAM

We have several individuals on our team to help handle various duties and congregational care task.
Glen Massey | Community Leadership
Rob Hock | Senior Pastor
Heather Strong Moore | Outreach Leadership

MEET OUR Directors

We also have directors and staff members tasked with taking care of specialty areas of ministry.
Dave Druetzler | Director of Business Operations
Sandra Loeffler | Accountant
Tracy Goodson | Director of Contemporary Worship
Laura Krell | Director of
Traditional Worship
Paul Gearhart | Senior High Ministry Director
Tori Nuetzel | Junior High Ministry Director
Melissa Davis | Children’s Ministry Director
Debbie Tucker | Administrative Assistant
Chris Rothrock | Director of Facilities
Aleen Philhower | Congregational Care Coordinator
Emily Quinn | Food Ministry Director
Matt Evans | Communications Director
Andrea McCleery | Senior Administrative Assistant
Sarah Rondot | Director of Welcome Place
Laura Wagner | Assistant Director of Welcome Place
Emily Thomas | Assistant Director of Welcome Place

Session of Elders

Jim Baughman, Kyle Blakely, Jason Dang, Jonathan Evans, David Lantz, Marge McConnell, Laura Miller, Mary Minix, Keith Speer, David Steiner (Clerk of Session)


Fred Burton, Dan Clevenger, Lisa Gomperts, Heather Hollingsworth, Greg Joyce, Bill Keeney, Jennifer Link, Mark Stanifer, Ryan Taylor


Karynn Arnett, Randy Badgero, Bill Brown, Teresa Christy, Donna Jo Clark, Laura Evans, Dave Gay, Lou Ann Gay, Justin Hart, John Hill, Jenny Hine, Mary Ann Maze, Dumisani Mezalumo, Don Perkins, Jan Perkins, Cherri Purdie, John Purdie, Steve Rainey, Abby Skinner, Kathy Smith, Tim Weko, Tina Weko