Living without borders

Here we will be posting regular podcast conversations we are having with our missionaries. These are conversations about how to take steps to grow, learn and develop our outreach knowledge and skills. Stay tuned on how you can grow further and be more adept at reaching those around you.

Interview with Mark & MIchelle

Interview with Andy & Emily

SERMON - Mark Wittig

Interview with Keir

Sermon - Tim Mindling

Interview with Bob & Maria

SERMON - Mark Dinnage

Missions Support 101

Our missionaries are out there and we are here at home. Here are several ways in which you can support missions from where you are:

Help with directed prayers

Pray faithfully for specific needs that missionaries share in their communications.  You can also pray for their alignment with God’s vision, and for their faith, wisdom, protection and health. Pray for the cultural and linguistic challenges they often face.

Help with frequent communication

Missionaries can experience periods of loneliness and homesickness.  Frequent and regular communications such as short notes, emails, birthday greetings, care packages and caring conversations assures missionaries of our ongoing committed partnership with them.

Help with a time commitment

It takes time to build a trusted relationship with a missionary. It takes time to provide sincere and frequent communications, to pray faithfully for specific concerns and needs and to listen to and read compassionately and responsively regarding events in their lives.

Help by celebrating together

rejoice with missionaries as they overcome political and religious barriers, as they build relationships and especially as they bring a lost soul to Christ.

Help with Financial Support

Our church’s mission budget is 10% of our total budget. A faithful sacrificial financial commitment to our church’s overall budget provides for our mission needs.  In addition, you, or your life group or Bible study group may commit to provide financial support to a missionary directly.