Adult Connection Group

I'm excited about the re-launch of the Adult Connection Group for several reasons.  One, I'm looking forward to working our way through the whole of Scripture over the course of three years.  Obviously, we won't cover every single verse, but we'll get a good overview of the "big picture" of the Bible.  Secondly, I enjoy teaching the Bible in a more interactive manner, where class members have a chance to share insights and ask clarifying questions.  Thirdly, the new format is going to make it so much easier for people who are new at Southport Pres to find a place to belong and get to know other people.

Normally, we'll meet in the dining room and sit in groups around the 8-top tables.  The first few meetings, however, will take place in the chapel on account of the Great Banquets.  On September 12, we will have a special treat in the class . . . a number of our missionaries will be in town and will have the opportunity to share during the class time.

If your not serving in a ministry during the Community Hour (9:45-10:45am on Sundays), I hope you'll join me and Pastor Rob in the class starting September 12.
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