January Parenting Topic

The Power of the Family Goal

Happy New Year!  

How is the pace of your family life? Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant push to do more and be more places? It might be time to sit down and decide on what this month’s Online Parenting Class calls “Family Goals.”

You have goals at work for the things your boss needs you to do, and your kids have goals that they must accomplish to get their grades. Why not have some goals for your family, not to put more pressure on everyone, but to balance everything better? It might even mean getting rid of a few things that just don’t fit your new goals.

Give this month's online parenting topic a watch and then sit down as a family and ask yourselves some questions!  https://vimeo.com/parentministry/review/280518344/ae9b52c4b9 

1. What are the goals we need to have as a family?
a. Schedule Wise?
b. Financially?
c. Spiritually?
d. Emotionally/Relationally?
2. How long should each of the above goals take? Set a goal and a time for each.
3. What is a celebration or “reward” we could attach to each of our goals?
4. What is it that we would really be missing out on, if we accomplish each of these goals?

If you need a hand with setting your family goals, let us know. We would love to help, pray, and plan with you! Our office door, phone, and email are always open to you and your family!

May God bless you and your family in 2022.   Please reach out if you need anything or would like for us to pray for you.  We are your church family.

Together for the Kingdom,

Melissa Davis
Kid's Ministry Director

Holly Richards
Kid's Ministry Assistant

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