March Parenting Topic

Hello, Hello Moms, Dads, and Amazing Adults in the Lives of Kids!

We are back with another great online parenting topic, to inspire and inform you! It is a quick couple minutes of your month to give you the tools you need to continue to do what God has blessed you to be able to do, raise Godly kids!

This month is another great video, that I am sure you will love. It is about “Parenting from a United Front”.

We all have those moments when we feel like Satan is trying to “divide and conquer” us as parents. An issue arises, and we find ourselves feeling at odds with each other as parents. Suddenly, our unity is being challenged by an issue, big or small, and we are not sure what to do!

There are FOUR great things the video suggests as solid advice. I especially love the idea of making it an opportunity to get a babysitter and have some dinner privately to talk intentionally.
I also completely agree with the idea of making sure to support each other publicly while waiting until later to talk privately. It’s such a common-sense suggestion, but one we often struggle within the moment.

The final suggestion is one that I have never thought about in the way they suggested. Once again, being intentional in parenting by making a yearly plan that matches up with each child’s age/stage of life. This is one that I would love to help you with as part of our ministry to you as parents. We have some great resources about each stage of your children’s lives, that we would love to share with you if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions. Please keep me informed on how I can continue to support you and pray for you throughout this month!

Here's a quick video to help you parent from a united front: 

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